Recently an email was circulating talking about how telemarketers were
about to be able to call cell phones and that we should post our number to
the FTC's Do Not Call list.

We were told that wasn't necessarily true.

However...coincidentally myself and others have started receiving recorded
calls on our cells that start off with "This is not a telemarketing call or
a solicitation"

It asks us to call a phone number 866-266-6600. So I did. I politely
mentioned to the person who answered that the number they called was listed
on the national do not call registry.

So the individual tells me that the registry 'doesn't apply to them'
because 'they are not solicitizing' and that 'the next time somebody tells
you that they are not solicitizing..believe it' AND HANGS UP!!!

So it's bad enough that we have jerks using our minutes with dumbass
recorded messages. When you POLITELY try and deal with them they get

Now the person who answered at 866-266-6600, once again that's 866-266-
6600, DID say that they were 'looking for certain people'. So I figured the
LEAST I could do was post their number in the hopes that I could help them
find who they are looking for.

I think we should all call this gentleman and let him know how much we
appreciate unasked for recorded solicitations. Unless we fight back,,,this
type of nonsense will spread....quickly.


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