I've attached the Ericsson Chatboard CHA-01 to a Zilog uP, and it works
reasonable well.

The problem is that you have to press the SMS, WWW or Email button before
you can use the qwerty buttons. Apparently the keyboard is initially set
to phone-mode, where only the numbers, arrows, *, #, Yes and No is
operating. As an extra bonus the charboard switches back to phone-mode
after a minut or two in SMS mode without pressing any buttons, as well as
if you press the Yes or No button.

I'd like to hear if it's possible to send a command to the keyboard, which
switches the mode to SMS-mode, so that I don't have to press the SMS
button when I want to use the keyboard, and allows me to switch it to SMS
mode after the user has pressed Yes or No. This would allow me to use
those buttons as Enter and Cancel.

I assume that such a command exist, since the phone must be able to tell
the keyboard that the user has started writing an sms. Unfortunately the
board does not fit my phone, so I can't test if it is possible, or measure
on the communication myself...

Instead of email, use this: http://mtech.dk/thomsen/contact.php

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