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    Hey, i found an awesome site, where you can get the Sony Ericsson
    W800i for $40. It is easy and legal. The phones are unlocked and sim
    They will ship world wide. If you are interested please email me at
    [email protected]
    And its 100% refundible if u dont like it, what do u have to lose?

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    Ismar Iljazovic

    Re: Cheap Sony Ericsson W800i

    Sounds interesting, but where's the URL of the site? And your email is
    incomplete. Besides.. this deal sounds a bit too good to be true..

    Are you based in Nigeria by any chance?

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    Ismar Iljazovic

    Re: Cheap Sony Ericsson W800i

    Nevermind the email thing.. I know how it works.. you click on the
    "..." and get the full email.. but at first I didn't see that the "..."
    was clickable. Then I tried again and saw that it was. I sent a message.

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