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    Hello all!

    I just got my K750i. Generally I am (so far) pleased with it. One thing
    really bugs me thoug.
    In my old Nokia, I could use time limited profiles. E.g when I went in
    to a meeting, I set the profile "Meeting" to be active for say 1 hour.
    After 1 hour the profile was automatically set back to the previous.

    Is it possible to get this function (or similar) on the K750 or do I
    have to set the profile to meeting and then manually change it back
    (which I usually forget and therefore do not hear when ppl try calling

    Appreciate comments/help!


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    Re: K750i profiles

    I don't think the 750i has a time limited profile function, though
    personally I don't miss it as it was a recipe for disaster (e.g. when a
    meeting overruns).

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