Some 14 months ago I had to replace a T610 because I couldn't connect to my
phone operator, from inside my home, any longer. Sticking the SIM card in a
stoneage Nokia 3310 offered maximum reception quality. When the T610 was
new reception seemed to be OK.

Now history repeats itself with the K700i. Terrible reception inside my home
and perfect reception with the good 'ol 3310.

Does anybody else have a similar experience with deteriorating quality with
1 - 1.5 year old SE phones?

Is this possibly related to a worn battery or is it related to worn out

I'd welcome experiences / solutions from other SE users before ditching the
K700i and and buying a Nokia. It's an expensive joke as I have a lot of SE
accessories that won't work with another brand of phone.

Thanks in advance

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