I'm on my second HBH-35 and they both suffered from the same problem.
Where the loop is connected to the boom, gets weak until the connection
fails causing the headset to fail. When this happens, it will not
switch on, it will not charge and obviously can't be used.

I see this as a design fault. Where the loop and boom are attached
weakens as you change the loop to use the headset from left to right
ear (or vice versa).

I changed my first one after about 3 months and when i got my second
one, i made more of an effort to only use it on my left, thus no need
to fiddle with the loop, but now after about 12 months it has failed. I
have to admit i did use it left and right and that is why it has failed

When i took the original one back i wanted to change it for another
model, but i was told by the staff at Orange that i would have to pay
full price and that they would not refund the money (65 when i bought
it in July 2004).

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