This problem happens because the sony ericsson P900 as well as the
P910i are 900-1800-1900 MHz tri-band world phones. They do not have the
850Mhz band, which is Rogers' primary frequency. These 2 phone models
therefore have to communicate on Rogers' secondary 1900MHz band. Thus in
peak traffic times they will likely have handshake problems one of which
is temporary loss of the voice protocol.

The cause of all this is Rogers' elimination of the 900 MHz band in
"merging" the two GSM networks. A couple of the Fido techs will admit to
this off-the-record but officially the SE phones are blamed. Sony
Ericsson is also willing to grin and take all the crap as they hope to
sell Rogers a lot more GSM phones in the future.

Now the problem could be solved by Rogers releasing to Fido the SE P910a
which works on 850-1800-1900 MHz and exchanging fully functioning P910a
phones for the now crippled p900 and p910i sets which Fido customers
paid big money for.

>[email protected] wrote:
>>about three months ago and now again more recently I have been encountering
>>the following problem.
>>After entering a number and pressing "send" I am unable to hear anything
>>until five to ten seconds later. Sometimes the audio comes in part way
>>through a voice mail announcement or, worse, I hear an irate person saying
>>hello! hello! because I couldn't hear when they answered on their end.
>>My Fido phone is a Sony Ericsson P900. Is this a phone quirk or a network

[email protected] wrote:

Gotta be a phone problem. I can no longer use my phone unless it's with
the earpiece or as a speaker phone. When receiving or making calls, I
have to wait until I see the "connecting" message at the top of the
screen, open the flip and speak. No closed flip speaking is possible

Robert Brown wrote:

My phone has suddenly started doing the same thing. Just made a call, no
rings, just someone picking up saying "hello?" I have an SE T610. This
phone has worked flawlessly before.



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