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    I found some generic screen protectors for the screen, but wondered if
    anyone here has found some precut to size screen protectors?


    See More: S710a Screen protector

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    attaching screen protectors

    I know a lot of people have been wondering how to protect that HUGE
    screen on the 710a. I've seen a lot of people using
    PDA screen protectors, or others. If you've had problems attaching
    them without having a ton of bubbles, no matter how
    careful you are, here's a tip left over from my plastic model building
    days to make it MUCH easier to attach the protector and leave out the
    air bubbles.

    Get a cup of water, put one drop of mild dishwashing soap and mix.
    spray or put a few drops of this mix on the screen. Peel the protector
    from its backing, don't touch the sticky side. Lay it on the screen,
    and use a lint free cloth to blot out the water. Then, use a spactula
    or something rubber to act like a squeegie and slowly work the excess
    water out of the screen.
    Also, the soap/water mix acts as a wetting agent, allowing you to
    position the protector
    around to get the perfect placement.
    An alternate way to do this is to put a few drops of the liquid on the
    back side of the
    screen protector, if you are a little squemish about putting liquid on
    the screen. I've applied decals on models for years, and found this
    method works quite well for PDA, camera and now phone LCD screens. A
    LITTLE LIQUID goes a long way, since it will "wick" from under the
    center of the screen, all the way to the edges.
    It usually takes around an hour for the evaporation of the liquid that
    might be still trapped between the screen and the
    protector. Unless you go really overboard on the amount of water VS
    soap, it will dry completely clear, and you won't
    notice anyting but a nice clear screen, now protected from scratches!
    If you want to use an alternate wetting agent, just stop by any good
    hobby shop that caters to scale plastic models and
    ask them for some decal setting solution. It's basically the same
    thing, but in a premixed bottle.

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