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    Wim Eising
    When I record my cell phone conversation (after the call starts:
    More>Record), the K700i stops recording after approx 1 min. When I
    record sound via the Entertainment link, the phone does not stop. A
    look at the memory status in that segment of the memory (File
    Manager>More>Memory Status) shows another 10MB free ("Phone"), with
    28MB of files in Sounds, with nothing more than 0.5 MB in the other

    How do I set the K700i to record more than the 1 minute of
    conversation? Is that the limitation of K700i or is it something else?

    See More: "Record" problem in K700i

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    Wim Eising

    Re: "Record" problem in K700i

    hey, no responses?????

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