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    Kid Nepro
    ***** Patch King Enters Mobile Phone Market *****

    Kid Nepro Productions (AKA; The Patch King); One of the leading music
    software companies since 1984 has now created a new library of ring
    tones for mobile phone users. The collection contains 150 digital
    samples (Real Tones) in MP3 format created from our large library of
    synthesizer patches and digital samples.

    The ring tone library has two main sections;

    1- Bells - The bell sounds are melodies created from Kid Nepro
    libraries including sounds from Classic Synthesizers like the Roland
    D50, Sequential Prophet VS, Korg Triton, Karma, Wavestation, Yamaha
    DX7, Motif and more.

    2- Rhythm & Beats - Include a wide variety of musical styles ranging
    from Akai MPC and EMU SP1200 Hip Hop, Techno, Rock, Pop, Reggae and
    Classical Themes.

    Get our original ring tones and you will definitely know that it's
    "your" phone ringing. Only $1 US per tone!

    Ring Tones are available as downloadable files. More info and demos can
    be found at;

    See More: * New Ring Tone Collection *

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