Early last month, I bought a Sony Ericsson k608i. While I was able to
install the File Manager software on my Sony Vaio (XP) PC, the drivers
themselves have not installed. Both from CD and from downloaded files
I get the following message: "Device installer error. Windows could
not load the installer for Modem. Contact your hardware vendor for
assistance." The Found New Hardware Wizard doesn't find the driver
either "automatically" or when I indicate that it should look for the
software in the CD drive. The same error messages arise for the other

As I can install the drivers on a stripped down desktop PC, the issue
seems to be one of software interaction. Thus, I have tried to install
with my anti-virus (McAfee) and firewall (XP) software uninstalled and
disabled, respectively. I regularly use ad-aware to remove spyware; I
don't use pop-up blockers other than those in Firefox. I have had the
same problem when I have uninstalled Microsoft ActiveSync and Intel
PROSet Wireless. I have also tried installing the drivers from safe
mode. In all cases, the same error messages occur.

Sony Ericsson's electronic help has not been much use: they have
repeated suggestions that have already failed. At their request, I
sent them my system information file, but I have yet to hear again from
the technician who had asked for it.

I would therefore very much appreciate any suggestions that list
members might have.

Thank you in advance,

Colin Rowat

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