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    Ed Chilada wrote:
    > OK, I realise that Q1 technically extends until the end of March (and
    > even then it may well be late), but I'd love one of these before I go
    > away at the end of January! No news yet?

    None, so far, but the good news is that the SE p900 and p910i are being
    sold in clearance price now so you won't get a better chance to get
    these cheap. Back to the subject, I saw a couple of p990 on ebay, but
    they ended up being scams. Guess will have to wait till March or later!

    See More: So it's Q1 2006 - any news on the SE P990 yet?

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    Re: So it's Q1 2006 - any news on the SE P990 yet?

    I got a call from Vodafone UK last night saying I was due for an upgrade. I
    said I was waiting until I could get a P990 with my upgrade and they said
    that the P990 will be available with contracts at the end of next month

    Fingers crossed.

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