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    Some Fava Beans And A Nice Chianti
    Picked up an RS-MMC with Tomtom 5.2 for my Nokia 6600 on eBay and everything
    works great EXCEPT voices.
    All the voice files are in the Voice folder and sound is at 100% - but I get
    nothing on 'Test' voice and no voice enroute.
    Help !

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    No Voice/Sound - TomTom - Nokia 6600

    We be the DarKiesT HawKs ever! I had the same problem. It has nothing to do with the memory card! The voices are in .OGG format, and the Nokia 6600 can only handle OGGs with up to 16KHz sampling rates. The voices on TomTom are +/-22KHz!!!

    So... what to do?? Well, you have to unpack, desample, and repack the OGGs. We did it, and it works!!!
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