The screen of my P800 broke down the other day, rendering it unreadable.
While I wait for the P990, and with P910 no longer available I bought a
K600i. Now I want to transfer all my P800 Contacts, Calendar and Tasks
entries to the K600i.

I have been able to make a backup of the P800 data (phone memory as well as
Memory Stick Duo), but that does not help me much until I get the P990,
since the K600i has no "Backup and Restore" function where a backup can be

Consequently, I have tried to go the way of synchronization: First
synchronize the P800 (which works despite the broken screen) to Outlook
2003, then synchonize Outlook 2003 to the K600i. For some reason this works
for Calendar and Tasks, but not for the Contacts. For Contacts the
synchronization leaves the Outlook 2003 Contacts unchanged, while all
Contacts entries on the P800 are deleted and replaced by the Outlook 2003
Contacts. The latter is only a minor obstacle since the Restore function
will bring me back my original P800 Contacts data.

But how do I get Outlook 2003 to synchronize and receive my P800 Contacts?

Any other ideas on how to transfer the data from P800 to K600i?

Thanks in advance.


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