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    I can't use my HBH-30 with a K700i or K750i. On both phones it pairs
    and connects OK but the phone always reports a disconnect after about
    10 seconds. It worked perfectly with my old T610 and also works fine
    with my PC.

    A headset reset does not help.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    p.s. The headset reset does not seem to work as documented. I get to
    the red/green flashing stage, release and then press and hold again...
    but rather than two beeps followed by another two shortly afterwards I
    just get a single beep and the headset appears to switch off.


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    Re: HBH-30 K750 Disconnect Problem

    I faced the problem too when I first had my K750i. It solved out when I
    upgraded the phone's firmware. The current version of the firmware is :
    R1BC002. What's yours ?


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