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    Is it possible to sync K750i with google calendar?

    See More: google calendar

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    Re: google calendar

    Obroni skrev:

    > Is it possible to sync K750i with google calendar?

    i want to know it too !!1

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    Re: google calendar

    can some one tell me if its possible or not?

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    Re: google calendar


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    Re: google calendar

    ok listen here.. There a possibility to import a From MyPhoneExplorer a
    Calendar to Google.. You just go to C:\Program
    Files\MyPhoneExplorer\Sony Ericsson K750 [serial] and you will foudn a
    file Organizer.dat that has a VCALENDAR structure v 1

    All my birthdays and events added succesfully .. only ther was a 4
    errors.. its every day reminders...

    So .. this is a hard way and not interrresting... becauze i need to
    wrote a note in software.. and after import in to google.. .. butnot
    direct from phone to google.
    wit the export i dont know . ?

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    Re: google calendar check this ou t!!!!

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