Hi All,

Anyone out there got an HBH-610 paired to multiple devices?

I've called SE Support, who've told me that the HBH-610 should be able
to do it; however, when I try, it only seems to respond to the last
device I paired it to.

Basically - with my HBH-65, I could pair with up to 5 devices. Once
paired with all of these, if any of them rang, then the headset would
ring. If I pressed the headset button, it would connect with the last
device I paired with - which would normally be my P910i.

However, with the HBH-610, it only seems to respond to the last device
paired, whichever this is. Any other device simply won't connect to it,
even if I try to force it - which implies it 'forgets' any previous
device it's paired to.

I'm testing with my P910i, my T630, and my laptop bluetooth device
(Billionton USB adapter). Each works OK individually with the headset
(although the USB connects, but can't seem to carry the sound).

A big backwards step if this is the case; has anyone else out there
with an HBH-610 found the same?


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