I'm going to buy the S-E W810i because I have to change my old phone
and I appreciate very much the capability of W810i to work as a mobile
phone and as a music player all-in-one device.
My idea is to buy also a larger memory stick to upgrade the original
512Mb memory size to fit more songs to listen to. Obviously I'd like to
upgrade the memory size the biggest possible.
In the sony-ericsson site (at least in the italian site), in the f.a.q.
section about the w810i they say the maximum memory size obtainable is
2Gb, but now I see on eBay some 4GB Memory Stick Pro DUO and I've read
the 8GB is coming.
My question is: is the memory size limit for the w810i (as well for
other S-E cell. phones) related only with the size of the memory stick
or do the phone itself has a limit regardless the size of memory
Thank you in advance,
Sorry for my english,

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