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Hielke wrote:

> can somebody enlight me please: how do I transfer a JAR or JAD application
> file to a SE K800i via cable or BT?
> Thanks for suggestions/help!


Start by visiting the SE support web site for this phone (if the link
doesn't work, start from their home page):


Go to the software downloads link and download "Sony Ericsson PC Suite
1.30.53" for connecting to the phone via cable or blue tooth.

Go back to the support page and look at "Gettting Started" link for
documents to get you going with managing files etc.

For my phone (not a K800i) I just copy the JAR/JAD files to the phone's
"other" folder once it's hooked up to the PC, and from the phone I am
able to browse to the folder and the phone is smart enough to ask me if
I'd like to install that app, and where.

Good luck,


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