I have a nokia 6230i, sorry for swearing and use the appointment -
call functionality to remind me to make calls to follow up prospects
interested in joining my business.

This call functionality from within appointments appears to be
something specific to Nokia phones, and does not exist in the latest
microsoft smartphone equivalent appointment functionality.

I am looking for something that allows me to use this appointment call
facility but which also allows me to make notes against the appointment
which is not restricted to a single page of characters.

I was hoping that I could find a suitable nokia phone which offered
this extended functionality, but instead they appear to be moving away
from this and using Microsoft smartphone (or not so smart) technology
for appointments.

Can anyone tell me which phone is likely to have the functionality I
require. If I need to move away from Nokia maybe even to Sony Ericsson
then I will move away.

I notice that the K700i has similar equivalent functionality to the
nokia within the tasks - make a phone call option, but it is equally
restrictive on the number of characters against a call appointment.

Thanks in advance

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