Hey group...

Well, good old SEUS seems just as crappy as ever - problem is that SEUS just
wont recognise my P990i (CDA 162007/1, Organizer R3B01). I've tried to run
the update on two PCs, no luck there. Everything runs fine until the "Press
and hold C" stage - sometimes the whole process just stops there,
occasionally it'll get as far as trying to detect the phone. No luck there,
either - it just can't identify the phone.

SE's PC-suite has no problems identifying the phone at all, and mRouter
connectivity is fine.

I've followed all the SEUS instructions, done a master reset, formatted the
internal drive from the "hidden" menu, uninstalled/reinstalled SEUS,
uninstalled/reinstalled USB drivers etc. etc. but still no dice.

Couple of questions: does it make any difference whether mRouter is running
while updating? How about PC suite?

Any of you guys here have any ideas what I should try next? This is driving
me nuts...

: )

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