I'm trying an SE990i to replace my 910i and thought Groups in Contacts was
what I had been looking for. I have a "database" (Handydatabank) on my 910
in which I keep contacts for various different contracts I work on. I need
to keep the different companies for each contract seperate and the database
was fine but they don't make it for UIQ3.

I had hoped in the 990 that I could group each Contact in different groups
for the different contracts, and it seems I can.

However when I call up a particular group it just gives me a name and number
for the contact but isn't dialable from here, and I can't seem to open the
whole Contact information. I can "Mark" or "Unmark" and that seems to be it,
though I have no idea what you can do with the Contact once marked.

I must be missing something or else there would be no point in having

Can anyone advise if I need to change anything else in the programme so that
groups becomes useful, or is there any other programme which lets you keep
Contacts in groups (the same Contact in multiple groups is required) or
another "database" programme which I know is really a cardfile.

Thanks for any help

Jeff T

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