Hallo from Austria
I want to inform you about a world novelty: HandyBatt is a clever
emergency battery for portable telephones. This is an absolut new
product. In the past I had often the problem that suddenly
accumulator was emptily in the middle of my conversation. Now it's
no problem. HandyBatt is my solution. Setting HandyBatt on fire and
making a telephone call. SMS, Internet, Camera, Phone and Calender
is available again. Always use HandyBattT when you have no
electrical outlet or no battery charger there or you haven't time to

Its fitting for following models
E100, F500i, K300i, K500i, K600i, K700i, J210i, J300i, P800, P900,
P910i, R380e, R520m, R600, S700i, T100, T105, T200, T230, T29, T29s,
T290i, T300, T310, T39, T39m, T600, T610, T630, T65, T66, T68, T68i,
V600i, V800, Z1010, Z200, Z220, Z500i, Z600, Z800i, J100i, J110i,
J120i, J220i, J230i, K200i, K220i, K310i, K320i, K510, K550i, K610i,
K750i, K800i, K810i, M600i, P990, P990i, S600i, W200i W300i, W550i,
W580i, W610i, W660i, W700i, W710i, W800i, W810i, W850i, W900i, W950i,
Z310i, Z520i, Z530i, Z550i, Z610i, Z710i, Z720i

If you are interested visit this page:

Best regards from Austria

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