I can't update or even try and update my phone using the update service. I
have a W880i phone (I'm from the UK) and I have been able to update my phone
in the past - sometimes it said no update available and once it did actually
update my phone. Now when I go to 'menu>settings>update service>search for
update' my phone searches for 20 seconds and comes back "verification
failed". I have the internet with my phone and that works just fine, I can
get online to use other services.

If I try to update the phone connecting it to my PC then that doesn't work
either. I connect my phone, battery charged, hold in the 2-button whilst
inserting the USB cable and nothing happens at all. Tried that a dozen
times, changing USB ports and all sorts of things.

Current software version: CXC1250640R1KG001

Any help appreciated.


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