On Sun, 29 Jul 2007 01:23:20 -0700, Koppe <[email protected]> wrote:

>Are there any Hemisync or Brainwave-generators available
>for K750i... e.g. programmed in Java?
>A Hemisync is basically a tone-generator that outputs two
>audible tones (stereo) to two ear-plugs. The point is that
>there is a frequency-difference between the two tones; and
>the the brain will becomed "synced" to this differance.
>If the left-channel outputs 1000Hz and the right outputs
>1010Hz, the brain will get synced to 10Hz... which is (if
>I remember correctly) alfa-waves, the frequency used when
>the brain is relaxing or (day-)dreaming.
>The problem is that the frequency can't drift much, and that
>the difference ought to be what it's supposed to be. The
>ability select different wave-forms (sine, square, triangle,
>sawtooth,...) would be an added bonus; as would a gradual
>lowering of the frequency.

Am I the _only_ person reading this post to think "Eh?" or am I
confessing my ignorance? I dont even understand the _question_ let
alone the _answer_!

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