The Sony sync program has a config/settings option for your Outlook contacts where by you can select another folder instead of the default Contacts. I do this with mine as I don't want all my contacts to sync, so I have another folder in Outlook which is a subset of my main contacts and the sony software syncs just that folder.

Bob H
Plymouth, MN USA

<[email protected]> wrote in message news:[email protected]
: Hi Everybody,
: Excuse my bad english. I've a new toy called W850i and the Sony
: Ericsson PC Suite, version: 2.10.38.
: My office suite is Outllok 2003.
: I want to synchronize a particular folder of the my Pc's contact.
: On my PC, i've two folders, one for my professionnal contacts and the
: rother for my personnal contacts.
: How to synchronize the personnal contact ?
: Thanks a lot.
: Fabien from Paris

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