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    Is it true that Vodafone are going to be stocking the SE P91?

    O2 seem to have them on the shelves but Vodafone keep talking about the bad
    experience they had with the P990i and I'm wondering if that an excuse
    rather than a reason?


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    Re: P1i - UK

    Well I have recently got a P1i and I am not impressed. Still too many
    bugs and stupid qwerks.

    1. Numbers stored in contacts cannot used '.' or '()' to separate the
    numbers, otherwise when you get a call from one of your contacts it
    will not translate the CLI number into the contact name.

    2. It does not recognize the RSS feed from SlashDot!!

    3. Battery life, like a Hummer you can watch the fuel gauge move!

    4. Poor antenna.

    5. The default contact addresses when creating new contacts are all
    their (h) home addresses, this is a business phone people. You have
    to manually add each (w) address field, time consuming and stupid.

    6. The default contact telephone numbers had no (w) or (h) suffix so
    there is no knowing, so you also have to manually add the correct
    telephone number fields manually.

    7. Too many stupid & useless icons on the top bar, a predictive text
    icon, an on screen keypad icon, current text case icon, signal
    strength icon, UMTS icon, battery icon, Task manager icon, Shortcut
    Icon, Wi-Fi iCon. The top bar is full and icons have to be removed to
    accommodate this, like my RSS icon, email icon, network activity

    Come in guys, this is too much, maybe they should add some more
    complex code so you can hide unused icons like the crappy Windows
    system tray. Some more code to get around a GUI issue that should be
    better managed anyway.

    8. Currently my battery level never get above 98%, again shoddy code!

    9. I don't like the way they allow scrolling to wrap around back to
    the top of bottom, when using the jog dial to quickly move up or down
    a short list can result in you going around in circles. It took a
    while for me to recognize this but still this goes against all
    standard GUI window and list interaction everyone is used to on their
    every day OS, Mac, Windows, Linux.

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