I have tried to use SE Disc2phone (ver. 1.5 I believe) with Vista to
transfer songs to my W800. It works fine if you keep the bitrate
unchaged. As soon as you change the bitrate, the application
terminates with an error "Disc2phone has stopped working" ... which is
a very useful information, indeed... it reassures you that it really
has stopped working, in case you were wondering....
I tried to load all the .NET framework service packs, I have 1.1 sp1,
and 2.0, and 3.0 etc... I believe I have loaded the latest version of
d2p from SE site...

Anyway, did anyone have similar experience, or any clue for a fix?

BTW, somewhere I read that you can use Windows MediaPlayer 11 instead
of d2p? Is it true? I am kind of tired of d2p - it looks full of bugs,
crashes, it is incredibly slow and it bogs down my PC.

Any input is greatly appreciated.

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