Dear all,

I have an ericsson w950i. I installed the pc suite and I would like to
synchronize outlook calendar (via bluetooth).

In pc suite, he says no phone is connected.
In windows explorer, the file manager sony-ericsson shows not connected.

However, in control panel, the phone appears as connected in bluetooth
If I use the assistant of the pc suite, he shows me the phone to connect
to, says he is "déjà jumelé" in french, (in english it would be "already
bound" or something like that - the passkey has been typed on computer
and on phone), then when I select it I can click next and then he
searches for other phones (why why why not use the selected one????) and
says no phone is connected.

The phone IS connected through bluetooth (as computer sees it), do I
have to do something more?


PS : only windows firewall is activated, no anti-virus is running.

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