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    Maxim Vyalkov
    Hello, "JF Mezei" <[email protected]>!
    Thu, 29 Nov 2007 06:17:09 -0500 14:17:09 in you wrote:

    May be Net Tools may come in handy?

    The midlet itselft:

    The documentation:

    Rem: the tool was originally designed by , but the site in unavailable now. We are not the developer of this tool and we aren't liable for any consequences of correct or incorrect use of this tool. Seems to be working.

    As far as I know, there is no possibility to work with ICMP under J2ME, so I don't know how (if ever) this utility works. I've never made this utility to work on Nokia phones and I cannot confirm, whether it works on Sony Ericsson ones.

    PS: by the way, I've also found nice SSH client . Looks cute.

    Best regards, Maxim Vyalkov.
    Oxygen Software - tools for your mobile phone.
    Oxygen Phone Manager II - all you want from your mobile phone.

    JM> Does anyone have any recommendations for a ping/traceroute/nslookup
    JM> utility that would run on a sony-ericsson K790a ?

    JM> With dial-up internet pretty much gone, having a second access to
    JM> the
    JM> internet to debug a DSL line is quite useful. And such tools could
    JM> be
    JM> quite useful too on the handset.

    See More: Ping/traceroute for a SE K790a

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    JF Mezei

    Re: Ping/traceroute for a SE K790a

    Maxim Vyalkov wrote:
    > May be Net Tools may come in handy?
    > The midlet itselft:
    > The documentation:

    Thanks. I downloaded it and it does run on a Sony Ericsson phone (790a).
    However, it doesn't "work" :-(

    It seems to send an HTTP transaction to the specified host for both a
    ping and traceroute. (probably illformed because my web server responds
    with a 302 code.

    And the documentation is in russian and I am not fluent in russian :-(

    Unix does its traceroutes by sending UDP packets with an invalid port
    number. So the node that get the packet with no TTL left will report
    back with an ICMP failure message.

    So if there isn't any ICMP support on the java stuff, then perhaps it
    can't be done short of writing a C/C++ program with the symbian
    developer kit.

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