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    I've tried re-installing this three times now, but when I try and start it
    up, all that happens is that the initial "splash screen" runs,
    intermittently showing the SE logo and then swarming colours, repeated ad
    nauseam. The application never loads. Interestingly, in Task Manager it
    shows as a Process, and not as an Application. Have tried the older version
    ( and now the latest version ( and have enabled it in my
    ZoneAlarm settings. Have also checked that Adobe Flash is installed and
    Java. I have got this to work on my machine before, so am completely

    Running Win XP SP2 plus latest updates and patches, with ZoneAlarm Firewall
    & AV.

    See More: SE Update Service software - won't start

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    Re: SE Update Service software - won't start

    you need to re-flash phone....upgrade its firmware.

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