I have had a Sony Ericsson K850i since late April. Previously, I had the
superb K800i on contract (initally for 12 months, but was extended to 18
months following a cold call from my Phone network in exchange for a £25
credit, which I accepted).

In April, whilst out and about, I was approached by a person outside a
phone store abut deals on new phones. I told the person I had a few
months left on my contact. However, I was told they could do 'buyouts'
where they would give me cash to pay off the remaining contact. I took
them up on this and decided on the K850i.

After the good experience with the K800i, I though I could do no wrong.
Great 5mp camera, super Mp3 player & HSDPA. Not quite though. Just a few
weeks later, I picked up the phone from desk in work (the phone was not
dropped or mis-handled in any way) anf notice the screen was blank. I
couldn't get it to turn on off, so I took the battery out to try and
re-start it. No luck here, so I took it back to the shop and after
explaining, the gave me a replacement handset.

Since then, the replacement set seemed to behaving itself, until a few
days ago, when it did EXACTLY the same thing - the screen went blank
and it wouldn't switch on or off.

I went back to the store, who have now sent the phone away, and could
take over a week to see what happens. The thing is; It's a truly
capable piece of kit, but I DON'T want a phone that keeps breaking
down. I've heard other people with the K850i have had this trouble too,
and have abandoned it.

My work colleagues have advised me to ask for a different phone
altogether. I said I was on contact & that I'm stuck with the K850i.
They have told me this is NOT the case and I should demand something
else on the same contract tariff.

Anyone out there suggest what to do, as I now feel I should reject this


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