Firstly, my apologies for multiposting, I missed this newsgroup earlier.

From reading through other posts in this group you're clearly familiar
with the problems I mention below - I was wondering if anyone has had
any luck in getting their customisations removed for free.

What I can't believe is that I am expected to PAY EXTRA to some kids on
a dodgy website / find some dodgy geezer in chinatown for the privelege
of having a usable phone - and, presumably, it would also invalidate my
warranty (can anyone confirm please?)

My phone's going back for a full refund within its 14 days - I cannot
accept this kind of tosh. Those icons are HIDEOUS.


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Subject: t610 vodafone customisations
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2003 18:08:41 +0100
From: Baris <[email protected]>


I recently bought a Sony-Ericsson t610 on a vodafone monthly contract
from phones4u on Tottenham Ct Rd. I'm disappointed, no, disgusted by the
customisation layer that vodafone have added. This is a phone with a
16-bit screen, and they've replaced all the menu graphics with what
looks like 4-colour icons. What a farce.

I've read a few posts about how to get the phone flashed - however all
these seem to suggest I have to pay about 20 - 35 just to get this
done. Frankly I'm not prepared to pay extra money to make a brand new
phone usable. Does anyone have any experience of getting their phone
supplier (or perhaps a Sony-Ericsson service centre?) to 'fix' their
phone for free?

If both Sony and Vodafone refuse to do anything about it I think I will
return the phone. It beggars belief that they would do something so
stupid as to ruin an otherwise great phone - it's their own sales
they're losing, right?


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