I have recently switched from a Psion 5mx to a Palm Tungsten T (bought just
two weeks ago - I didn't know about T2!).

Overall I'm extremely pleased with it but I can't get dial up to work. On
the Psion I used to use my dial up Zen (ISP) account via IR to my Ericsson
T39m which was great for picking up and sending the odd e-mail.

I've been trying to set up the same thing with the TT and the T39m only this
time using Bluetooth. I've successfully got Bluetooth working as I can use
it dial numbers from Dialer. I can't get it to connect to Zen though. I can
see it dialing on the phone it connects and then immediately drops. TT Then
automatically dials again and the same thing happens but this time TT gives
the error message "Error: no carrier (0x1102) ". Looking in the Palm knowledge base
it suggests increasing the timeout parameter - but it is already set at 3

I believe I have updated the Palm with all the available and relevant updates
from their web site.

Can anyone help here? Is there anything else I can try? Do I need a login script
(I didn't use one on the Psion)?



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