Okay here - I want to use my P800 to browse the web on my computer. I
thought I had everything set up: I turned the phone's settings to
"Cable" instead of "PC Connect", I have my net stuff set up properly
to browse the web from my phone, I have the USB cable connected to the
phone, the phone is on, I open the Opera browser (done this without as
well). Then I go to my computer, I open the start/programs/p800
dial-up networking settings, it opens, and cannot find the phone.
How do I get it to find the phone? after the phone is found, then
what? do I just open internet explorer, msn messenger, outlook
express, and they all work as planned? I really need help on this
one - it's driving me crazy!

also, now that I moved all my sounds to the memory stick duo, I can't
select them as rings or view them - how do I view them?


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