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> Derek L. wrote:
> > My phone's firmware is R1D, and given all the minor problems with it --
> > speakerphone echo, calendar date offset bugs, and unstable Bluetooth --
> > I've
> > just decided to go ahead and send it in for warranty "repair" (firmware
> > update). If the problem is resolved by it, I'll be sure to post again.

> Uhm, maybe I should do that as well. Trouble is the lack of sufficient
> backup software.

Can you use a friend's PC for backing up? I'm "blessed" with a Compaq Evo
running WinXP at work, so I primarily use that system when working with my
P800. I'll be leaving this job in two weeks, so I'd better start testing
backups via VirtualPC soon.

> Please let me know about your results!

Today I got my phone back from Sony Ericsson service in Minnesota. It was
updated to the following firmware levels: R2D (Phone); R5A (Bluetooth);
R2B03 (Organiser); R4A02 (CDA).

My results so far are positive but not stellar. I no longer receive "Comms
Frame Error" as a pop-up message when attempting to use it as a modem or
when synchronizing contacts via Bluetooth. But it still failed to connect;
there were simply no errors this time. However, turning the phone off and
on DID result in synching successfully, and I went through the same sequence
of events when I tried to dial out as a modem. If a warm restart
consistently restores proper operation, then this is a real improvement,
since it seemed utterly random before. It's still very frustrating not
having any logs on the P800 itself.

There are other benefits to this firmware update: the speakerphone is much
more usable, and they fixed an annoying calendar bug that displays the days
of the week incorrectly when you tap on a month to view it quickly. There
are also improvements to the camera and the built-in web browser.

I chafed while without my phone. I'd forgotten how much I hate my battered
old Samsung 3500 and SprintPCS (the next time I have to send off the P800
I'll rent a GSM handset from a T-Mobile store). I got it back seven days
after I shipped it, which is pretty good turnaround time, and the upgrade
was covered under warranty. It's pathetic that one has to ship out a
phone/PDA to get updated firmware in the first place, but hopefully in the
future there will be service at local mobile phone shops in the USA.

hope this is helpful info,

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