Bought a new phone (T-610) From a retailer in Nottingham. The phone went
wrong straight away (Hiss) and was replaced about 9 days later, with another
T-610 which hissed as well.

I had to wait 28 days for the third to arrive, a small bag arrived at work,
there was a T-610 inside but with no box etc etc. I opened the back to this
unit to find no sim slide holder.

At this point I had enough and wrote a stinking letter to their chairman.

The next day a brand new boxed 6310i arrives, this one works has no problems

I have also recieved a letter offering me a new Plantronics Bluetooth M-300
headset as compensation.

This is all well and good, but I stall have a brand new T-610 at home and a
box! I went int CPW the other day and blagged a slide thingie from them, and
now the T-610 works perfectly.

Any ideas on what I should do?

I have spoken to the retailer several times and at no time has the T-610
come up in conversation.

Anyone want to buy a Bluetooth headset???


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