Hello wireless developers,

At www.sharewire.net we have set up a new service for J2ME and Symbian
developers (and also for ringtone/image/logo/etc artists). As a
developer you can use our service to sell your game
or application to your customers; we will send your product Over The
Air to your customer's mobile after a succesful transaction. Here's
how it works:

1) You sign up (free) at www.sharewire.net
2) You register and upload your products (or you fill in your own WAP
url), and set prices
3) You add a BUY button on your site(s)
4) Your customers click on the button, make a payment (credit card or
PayPal) and fills in his mobile number. All those screens are provided
by sharewire.net
5) After a succesful transaction, we create a unique WAP url, and send
the customer a WAP-push message
6) When the customer opens this message on his mobile phone, the
product is immediately downloaded OTA (Over The Air) and installed on
his phone
7) Every month we will either send you a cheque or credit your PayPal
account, whichever you prefer

Signing up is 100% free. Our share is $1 + 10% of the sale, which
covers all associated costs (sending SMS-es, handling payment, etc).

PS: Those who register and start selling through Sharewire.net before
18 August will receive a 10% discount on the first 100 sold products!

Thanks for your time,
Ivo Wentholt

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