I cannot establish a stable Serial Port connection between my PC and
my T610 mobile phone using the 'Phone Monitor' supplied by Sony

I've tried it in different computers, using different Operative
Systems (Windows 2k and Windows XP), and using different Bluetooth
Connection devices (Digicom USB-BlueTooth adapter and 3COM Bluetooh PC

On both cases, the Serial Port Connection resulted intermittent and
thus did not allow for a stable connection to be estabilished with the
PC (hence I cannot synchronise with Outlook nor use Image Editor).

I've followed all the instructions found in the manuals, I've
installed the most recent drivers around, I've spent two days
searching for help in newsgroups and web forums, but nothing seems to

I should note also that I have a T68i, and I am able to connect this
without any problems to both computers, using both Bluetooh devices.
It is just with the T610 that I am getting problems. I note also that
I am able to pair the devices without problems, and even exchange
files. It is just with the Serial Port emulation that I am struggling.

Can you please help? Without Serial Port Connection to my PC, this
lovely brand new phone of mine becomes pretty useless to me.

Many thanks


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