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> Hi!
> In Sweden whid Vodafone the have multisim, where for a charge off a SIM

> you can have another sim which you can make outgoing calls from.
> Entering a short code 333 changes which sim has the incoming calls.
> I now Vodafone have it al over Europe!

I have used Vodafone MultiSIM and it would appear to be what you want. It
will cost you slightly more and is not available in the UK if you use GPRS
(a lack of compatibility) but it is very effect. With mutliSIM, you nominate
which SIM is to be used for incoming calls and SMS (by entering a short
code) and the network then routes all stuff for that mobile number to the
nominated SIM. For outgoing calls/SMS, any SIMS can be used regardless of
whether you have nominated it. Put simply, all SIMs relate to the same
number and can be a used at the same time (ie all devices on) but only one
will receive the incoming calls at any one time.

Had it myself and it worked fine but had to give it up when I moved to using
GPRS (and since it is not compatible with GPRS, I would guess it does not
work with MMS either but you would need to check with Vodafone for that).

One word of warning though Most people at Vodafone customer services have
never heard of MultiSIM since is quite rare but there are people so you just
need to persevere!

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