I've had a 7210 for a year and tried the Samsung v205 for a few days,
now I use the T610. So here's my 2 cents:

> If I had to compromise, these are the features I am after.
> - Small, lightweight

The T610 is small, but not exactly lightweight. It's about as thick
and wide as the 7210 and a little shorter. And yes, its ugly ;-)

> - Colour screen (good quality, not like Nokia 7250)

The screen on the T610 is good but no match for the v205. The screen
on that one is the best I've ever seen. The T610 is quite a bit better
than the 7210, however, if that's comparable to the 7250.

> - Ability to upload programs with ease (like on a 7650)

Haven't tried that yet, and I guess it depends more on your network
than the phone.

> - Good calendar function

Decent, but not as good as the 7210 IMO.

> - Decent battery life

Pretty good on the 610 with normal phone and SMS usage. MMS and GPRS
drown the battery a bit faster, but it seems to last longer than the
v205. I used my phone for MMS testing all day today, and played some
minigolf to boot, and the battery is still more than half full (at
least according to the indicator).

> - Camera

The quality of pictures is good, although the screen does not always
show it. When you send a picture to an email address, you'll won't see
much difference between the 610 and the v205, but on the handset
itself, you can't beat the v205.

> Is the T610 what I am looking for?

If you look for high quality screen, go for the v205. On the other
hand, it has a number of serious drawbacks:

- GPRS access point and WAP gateway are not configurable
- Cannot add words to the T9 dictionary (!!!)
- lots of other smaller stuff

If configurability is important to you, stay away from the v205 and go
for the T610. At least that's why I switched.

Hope this helps.


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