I'm having a problem with the built-in email client on my T62u.

I'm in the Atlanta Cingular market, and I think they have just enabled
GPRS. I have had it turned on since this weekend. I have the email
client set up to read both my work email and my personal email. It
appears to work through authentication and beginning to download

After a brief "Receiving Mails" message I see something like
"Receiving Mail Subject: Subject of first email message goes here"
along with a progress bar. The progress bar stops moving, and after
about a minute the phone "reboots" itself. It happens whether I'm
hitting my work mail or my personal mail. Both of these accounts
worked with a non-GPRS dial up session.

Cingular told me it had something to do with my email provider because
they checked and they "don't have anything on my account that would
tell the phone to reboot while downloading my mail". (They also don't
have anything on my account that says I must talk to support reps who
know anything about technology, but that's another story.)

Sony-Ericsson's tech support first said, "Go to setup/data com and
reset all of the settings. That should clear it up." (Future
Cingular tech support person, maybe?) When I convinced him that
this didn't make sense he suggested I send the phone to an authorized
repair facility to have the firmware flashed.

Any suggestions other than the three that I mentioned here?

By the way the sim on my phone is unlocked. Is that going to be a
problem if I send it for support? Will they re-lock it while it's

Thanks for any suggestions!


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