In a local mobile phone parts and services shop, paid $30 Canadian to have my T200 phone unlocked in the shop within half an hour.

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Where did you unlock it anh how much was that?


James wrote:

I assume that ususally the phone is locked to a particular mobile service
provider so that if you travel to another part of the world and would like
to use a local SIM card to make local calls without paying for international
roaming demanded by your mobile service provider back at home, you need to
first unlock the phone, which is exactly what I just did to my T200 earlier
today since I am about to travel to Shanghai China and would like to get a
SIM card from Shanghai to use with my T200 to make cheap local calls in
Shanghai (about $.06 U.S. per minute instead of $.60 U.S. if I have to pay
international roaming to my mobile service provide, that is here in


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Why and How to unlock the Cell?
Reprogram it?

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