So I've had my T610 for a couple of weeks now (Orange upgrade) and am
generally well pleased with it - much more usable than the Samsung
T100 I was using before. The only gripes I have so far are minor...
anyone have workarounds/comments?

1 - I understand that I can change the behaviour of "joystick left"
from the standby screen by replacing the first "my shortcut" item. Is
there any way of changing the other 3 joystick shortcuts though? The
fact that "right" does exactly the same as "click" seems somewhat

2 - I guess this is a feature request. It seems to me to be a complete
design oversight to not link contacts and appointments, i.e.
birthdays! I have to click through Organizer, Calendar, Add
Appointment, Type name in, Add (usually irrelevant) Location, etc.
etc. yawn, boring.... and end up setting it for the whole day so I
don't miss it visually. Surely adding a "Birthday" or "Anniversary"
field to each contact would have been more sensible? Or am I being too
picky and expecting PDA-like behaviour from a phone?

Find it hard to fault otherwise (though I do think the Samsung had the
better screen).


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