Well, I've had my P800 for just over a week now, and I really like it, for
the most part. I've had some synchronization problems, but I'm hoping those
will be fixed with a firmware update (I'm currently on Phone R1D, Organizer

My wife got a Nokia 3650 a few days ago. Interestingly, I think the
built-in PDA applications (calendar, contacts, notes) on the 3650 look quite
a bit better than the P800 equivalents. The 3650's e-mail client also looks
very good, and navigation is pretty easy even without a touch screen. The
3650 does have one problem, though, in that the sync software cannot
synchronize Outlook's 'Notes' folder (this seems like a bizarre omission?
The 3650's 'notes' application looks so much better than the P800's ugly
"Jotter" app.)

With the UIQ interface of the P800, the PDA applications are all provided by
Symbian, is that correct?

Also, on Palm devices it is possible to create custom synchronization
conduits for 3rd party applications...does such a facility exist for Symbian
& SyncML-based devices?

And, if so, why aren't there any drop-in replacements for the built-in PDA
applications on the P800?

Anyway, I still prefer having a touch screen, but I am quite surprised at
how well the 3650's user interface looks and feels. I wish the P800 had
better apps.

In any case, I am definately making better use of the PDA functions by
having an all-in-one device; I rarely used my Pocket PC (and, previously,


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