I'm looking also for the right and new firmware.
the speaker is low at ringing time
look in this group and you will see that it's SE who cares about our ears.
but it's irritating, because after 20 seconds my mailbox takes it over and
then I ve 'just took it out of my pocket, becasue after 10-15 secs you here
the speaker..
now I've made the tome up to 30 secs with help of my provider and set it on

if there should be new firmware, I would appricate that the speaker volume
can be programmed louder
how can we control / check what firmware the phone has ?
I will make a new thread, controlcodes

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> Got it...nevermind~!
> P.S. Is it just me or has anybody noticed that the T610 has very low

> volume?

See More: T610 Firmware /controlcodes