I bought this cellular phone and it is great but my excitement was killed
first time when I experienced this battery problem. Here is what happened.

I have charged battery full and everything goes fine until I spend about 50
% of battery capacitiy. Indicator of the battery shows that it has 50 % more
power but all of the sudden, usually when I receive a call or dial one, I
get message "YOUR BATTERY IS EMPTY" and all power dissapear !!!!

On the beginning I thought this is happening because the battery is still
not formatted correctly but unfortunatelly that happened all the time.

Now, I gave a phone to the service and they reformatted battery and update
software. After 7 days I got my phone back and they convinced me that
everything is ok now.

Guess what ..... IT HAPPENED TO ME AGAIN !!!

I am becoming desperate now

Please let me know if somebody have similliar problem and if there is
anything I can do.

Thank you.

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