I think the SE-site does not reply to anybody
I also had some questions, ie about the programs /games you can download
there and therefore I had to pay 3 times per sms 1,10 euro (chessprog)
but the SE-site didn't respond as well as email as well as my 3 times sms
so strongly advise nothing to download from the SE-site , it may cost you
money and time

"Sims" <[email protected]> schreef in bericht
news:[email protected]
> > it's your computer, what you need to do is either

> No it is not. My PC works fine. The Sony program is what is crashing, not

> computer.
> > buy another one
> > format your hard drives and reinstall windows

> What a silly suggestion.
> Just because a program crashes i must reinstall the whole system.
> > or find someone that understands computers/cell phones well and have him
> > come to your house and help you
> >

> That is why i tried to contact Sony, they just ignored me.
> Sims

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