Hi Guys,

When i syncronised my phone, I used to get a message from outlook
saying "a device it trying to access outlook" i used to give it 10
minutes and synced fine. Now i dont even get to that message with this
new phone, but instead get an error from the Synchronise software
saying, "selected PIM (Personal Information Manager) is not installed
on this machine". Then, it even greys out on the sync station setting
all references to outlook and only allows me to sync with windows
address book contacts.

When i reboot, the outlook options are not greyed out anymore in sync
station, but if i try a synch with outlook, it goes back to earlier
message and greys out again.

I dont know what i am doing wrong anymore. I have tried lots of
settings in sych station, but doesnt work, and i need to reboot again
to be able to try testing with other settings, and when it fails greys
out again till next reboot.

Any ideas??? Please help if you can...


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