My wife has a Sony Ericsson GSM phone which works fine in Europe and so so
here. AT&T hasn't built out their GSM network where we live yet.

I have a TDMA/US GSM T62u which works great here, but not at all in Europe.
Wrong &(*&% GSM frequencies (caveat emptor -- I'm less ignorant of the
frequency thing now...).

When I go traveling, is there any chance I can switch sim cards between the
phones and keep my number on her phone
outside the u.s.? Or is there some voodoo the techs to to lock a phone unit
to a number on top of the sim.

I have the impression that the sim cards contain the smarts to hook the
units to the network, but I have a hunch there's more to it than simply
switching the card.

If it matters both phones are registered under the same account at ATTWS



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